Patek Philippe's "sportier" line-up

  • Patek Philippe 5650G Aquanaut Advanced Research_HighTime
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    The Patek Philippe 5650G Aquanaut Travel Time “Advanced Research” – A technical landmark

    Hello everyone, 2017 was the Aquanaut’s 20th anniversary. The brand was willing to mark the event with the launch of two new references, the 5650G Aquanaut Travel Time “Patek Philippe Advanced Research” together with the Patek Philippe 5168G Aquanaut (with a dedicated article in the future). Some context As a reminder, in the early 2000s, Patek Philippe decided to create the new  “Advanced Research” innovation program which would aim at preparing the future in developing new technologies and working on new materials. Since long ago, Patek Philippe, apart from its wide historical legacy, always considered they shouldn’t ignore progress and new possibilities. Some of the main issues watchmakers are facing…